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UI Playground

UI Playground is where creativity takes center stage. Here, I design user interfaces, craft and redesign features, and develop concept ideas purely based on my personal intuition and creativity, without the constraints of detailed research. It's a space for experimentation and innovation, showcasing my ability to bring fresh and  imaginative ideas.

Swiggy AI

Swiggy AI is your friendly and intuitive conversational bot, seamlessly integrated into the Swiggy app to enhance your food ordering experience. From personalized dish recommendations and smart searches to real-time order tracking and exclusive deals, Swiggy AI caters to your tastes and preferences.


Whether you're reordering your favorite meals, exploring new cuisines, or navigating dietary needs, Swiggy AI makes every interaction effortless and enjoyable, bringing convenience and delight to your fingertips.

Cooker counter

Whistle Counter 

 Whistle Counter uses your iPhone's microphone to count pressure cooker whistles, ensuring perfectly cooked meals every time.


Simply set the desired whistle count and timer, and get real-time updates on your iPhone's dynamic island. goodbye to guesswork and enjoy consistently delicious dishes with the Whistle Counter!

The cooker glows whenever a whistle is detected 

ShowShift for BookMyShow

Running late to the movies? Effortlessly transfer your tickets on BookMyShow to the next available showtime with a simple tap using ShowShift. This way, you can avoidcancellation and re-booking.

ShowShift notification
Spotify gradient

Spotify Dynamic Gradient

Introducing Dynamic Gradient on Spotify. Inspired by the Apple Card app, which creates gradients based on your spending categories, this feature generates custom gradient animations based on the genre of music or podcasts you listen to. It adapts in real-time to reflect your unique listening habits, providing a visually engaging and personalized experience with every track and podcast.

Apple card

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